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Titania X3D Editor

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Integrated X3D Browser

Directly view and edit your scenes

mushrooms TitaniaTitania X3D Editor provides an integrated, powerful toolset for animation, environments, motion graphics, and virtual reality. The integrated X3D Browser makes it easy to create scenes that look equal in X_ITE. Titania allows you to view and interactively edit scenes and offers powerful tools and live execution of the scenes. Titania is completely specification conform as specified by Web3D Consortium.

Advanced X_ITE Support

Works seamlesly together with X_ITE

X_ITE is the new WebGL X3D Browser for all major web browser that implements a high-performance X3D player in open-source JavaScript. Authors can publish X3D source within an HTML5 page that works with web browsers without prior plugin installation. It can be used as a simple 3D viewer for X3D and VRML files, as high quality 3D animation rendering engine, for advanced science simulations, live data visualization, or as easy to use WebGL game engine. Titania and X_ITE are designed to work seamlessly together.

Route Graph Editor

Easily edit your routing logics

mushrooms TitaniaThe upcoming release of Titania will include a new Route Graph Editor. It lets you manage and arrange different logics within a single scene. Routes can be connected between nodes and it suggests the right fields to connect. Existing logics can be easily imported via drag & drop into a page of the Route Graph Editor. Different logics are arranged in tabs for simple access.

Integrated Script Editor

Directly run your scripts within Titania

mushrooms Titaniamushrooms TitaniaWork on different Script or Shaders at the same tíme. Scripts are checked for errors when they are saved. The Script Editor provides syntax highlighting with theme support and a lot of other configuration preferences. Scripts can be directly executed within the editor but there is also a non-live mode available if this is not desired.

Animation Editor

Create your own stunning animations

mushrooms TitaniaAnimation can be created with just a few clicks. Only important key-frames have to be set the rest manages the build in X3D interpolators which can create smooth spline animations or if you want switch to linear, or constant mode. Key-frames can be split to start a new spline animation. There can also be as many animation members as you want to animate different objects in a single animation at the same time in the Animation Editor.

Render Panel

Render video clips of your animations

mushrooms Titania mushrooms TitaniaA new Render Panel will be arrive in the next version of Titania, so it is now possible to export animations as MP4 or AVI, uncompressed or with MP4 or XVID codec. The Render Panel provides support to adjust the anti-aliasing of the rendered scene as well as the ability to choose a different viewpoint other than the default that will be bound that makes it possible to render the scene from different views or render different animation within the same scene.

Outline Editor

Have everything under control

mushrooms TitaniaThe swiss army knife of the editors is the Outline Editor. Fields can be directly edited, quick connect or delete routes between nodes and watch fields changes when in live mode. Nodes can be rearranged within the scene graph per drag & drop while preserving the location of the nodes in the scene. There is now full support to edit prototypes, they can be created, easily create instance of them and you can switch into a prototype for full control.

Basic Polygon Editing Tools

Subsequently edit your 3D objects

mushrooms TitaniaThere are a lot of tools to directly edit polygons of an IndexedFaceSet. Every X3D geometry object can be converted in a IndexedFaceSet and then edited. Vertices can be joined or split, polygons can be cut, extruded, and deleted. Select single vertices, lines or faces with rectangle selection tool or paint tool. Different geometries can be combined into a single one to optimize your scene. The Texture Mapping Editor allows you to accurately place textures on polygon objects and with the new Color Editor it is fun to paint even single polygons.

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