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Custom Shaders

Custom Shaders

When you display your 3D models with Cobweb by default it will use our Gouraud shader. This is a versatile shader that can cover a lot of your rendering needs. If this is not enough there is also a Phong shader available, adjustable with the browser shading option per scripting.

However, you will often want to perform special effects or special cases for your materials. To do this you will need to write a custom shader.


Shaders and Shader Definition

WebGL uses the GLSL language to write shaders that can be run across all browsers. With Cobweb you create your own shader using ComposedShader and ShaderPart nodes and than attach the ComposedShader to the shader field of an Appearance node and that is a child''s play with Titania.


Once the X3D is defined we can now write the vertex and the fragment shader source. This is a simple example where a texture is applied to the geometry.

Vertex Shader

Fragment Shader

Lighting and Transparency

Lighting is enabled if a Material node is available. If a transparent Material node is attached to the Appearance of the Shape node, the Shape is treated as transparent and thus the shader.

Data type mapping

A ComposedShader node provides the capability to define custom fields like the Script node it does, these fields are then mapped to GLSL uniform variables. They are automatically updated and can be of any access type (initializeOnly, inputOnly, outputOnly or inputOutput).

Node fields

X3D texture type GLSL variable type
X3DTexture2DNode sampler2D
X3DEnvironmentTextureNode samplerCube

X3D Field types to GLSL data types

X3D field type GLSL variable type Comment
SFBool bool
SFColor vec3
SFColorRGBA vec4
SFDouble float
SFFloat float
SFImage int [ ] (width, height, comp, array)
SFInt32 int
SFMatrix3d mat3
SFMatrix3f mat3
SFMatrix4d mat4
SFMatrix4f mat4
SFNode see node fields table
SFRotation mat3 3x3 matrix representation
SFString not supported
SFTime float
SFVec2d vec2
SFVec2f vec2
SFVec3d vec3
SFVec3f vec3
SFVec4d vec4
SFVec4f vec4

MFBool bool [ ]
MFColor vec3 [ ]
MFColorRGBA vec4 [ ]
MFDouble float [ ]
MFFloat float [ ]
MFImage int [ ] (width, height, comp, array, width ...)
MFInt32 int [ ]
MFMatrix3d mat3 [ ]
MFMatrix3f mat3 [ ]
MFMatrix4d mat4 [ ]
MFMatrix4f mat4 [ ]
MFNode see node fields table
MFRotation mat3 [ ] 3x3 matrix representation
MFString not supported
MFTime float [ ]
MFVec2d vec2 [ ]
MFVec2f vec2 [ ]
MFVec3d vec3 [ ]
MFVec3f vec3 [ ]
MFVec4d vec4 [ ]
MFVec4f vec4 [ ]

Built-in Variables

A ComposedShader defines a number of special variables for the various shader stages. These built-in variables have special properties. They are usually for communicating with certain fixed-functionality. By convention, all predefined variables start with »x3d_«; no user-defined variables may start with this.

Type Name Comment
uniform int x3d_GeometryType POINTS, LINES, 2D, 3D

uniform vec4 x3d_ClipPlane [6]

uniform int x3d_FogType NO, LINEAR, EXPONENTIAL
uniform vec3 x3d_FogColor
uniform float x3d_FogVisibilityRange

uniform float x3d_LinewidthScaleFactor
uniform bool x3d_ColorMaterial true if X3DColorNode attached
uniform bool x3d_Lighting true if X3DMaterialNode attached
uniform int x3d_LightType [8] NO, DIRECTIONAL, POINT, SPOT
uniform vec3 x3d_LightColor [8]
uniform float x3d_LightAmbientIntensity [8]
uniform float x3d_LightIntensity [8]
uniform vec3 x3d_LightAttenuation [8]
uniform vec3 x3d_LightLocation [8]
uniform vec3 x3d_LightDirection [8]
uniform float x3d_LightBeamWidth [8]
uniform float x3d_LightCutOffAngle [8]
uniform float x3d_LightRadius [8]

uniform bool x3d_SeparateBackColor true if back colors are available
uniform float x3d_AmbientIntensity
uniform vec3 x3d_DiffuseColor
uniform vec3 x3d_SpecularColor
uniform vec3 x3d_EmissiveColor
uniform float x3d_Shininess
uniform float x3d_Transparency
uniform float x3d_BackAmbientIntensity set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true
uniform vec3 x3d_BackDiffuseColor set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true
uniform vec3 x3d_BackSpecularColor set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true
uniform vec3 x3d_BackEmissiveColor set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true
uniform float x3d_BackShininess set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true
uniform float x3d_BackTransparency set if x3d_SeparateBackColor is true

uniform int x3d_TextureType [1] NO, TEXTURE_2D, CUBE_MAP_TEXTURE
uniform sampler2D x3d_Texture2D [1] texture from Appearance texture field
uniform samplerCube x3d_CubeMapTexture [1] texture from Appearance texture field

uniform ivec4 x3d_Viewport
uniform mat4 x3d_ProjectionMatrix
uniform mat4 x3d_ModelViewMatrix
uniform mat3 x3d_NormalMatrix
uniform mat4 x3d_TextureMatrix [1]

attribute vec4 x3d_Color available if X3DColorNode attached
attribute vec4 x3d_TexCoord
attribute vec3 x3d_Normal
attribute vec4 x3d_Vertex required

Built-in Constants

Some built-in variables are enumerated and have special values and meanings. The following table list all of them and their corresponding values. Note: as of version 1.27 these constant are buit-in.

Variable Type Name Value Comment
x3d_GeometryType int x3d_GeometryPoints 0 appears on PointSet and Polypoint2D
int x3d_GeometryLines 1 appears on IndexedLineSet, LineSet and Polyline2D
int x3d_Geometry2D 2 appears on Geometry2D nodes
int x3d_Geometry3D 3 appears on Geometry3D nodes and other 3D nodes

x3d_ClipPlane int x3d_MaxClipPlanes 6 if any clip plane is x3d_NoneClipPlane
it follows no other clip plane
vec4 x3d_NoneClipPlane implementation dependend

x3d_FogType int x3d_NoneFog 0
int x3d_LinearFog 1
int x3d_ExponentialFog 2

int x3d_MaxLights 8 if x3d_LightType[i] is x3d_NoneLight it follows no other light
x3d_LightType int x3d_NoneLight 0
int x3d_DirectionalLight 1
int x3d_PointLight 2
int x3d_SpotLight 3

int x3d_MaxTextures 1 if x3d_TextureType[i] is x3d_NoneTexture it follows no other texture
x3d_TextureType int x3d_NoneTexture 0
int x3d_TextureType2D 2
int x3d_TextureType3D 3
int x3d_TextureTypeCubeMapTexture 4

int x3d_ShadowSamples 8

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