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Titania v4.0.3

Bring Colours to Your Life.

X3D Reference

Titania as Terminal Command


titania [OPTIONS] [FILE]


Titania is a X3D/VRML editor and browser for Ubuntu. The goal is a full standard compliant X3D browser for future releases of Ubuntu. For now, Titania fully supports the Moving Worlds specification for VRML 2.0 and already many parts of the X3D specification.

It can be used as a simple 3D viewer for .x3d files, as high quality 3D animation rendering engine, for advanced science simulations, live data visualization, or as easy to use gaming engine.

Furthermore Titania can be used as converter and beautifier for various file formats from the command line. It can format or convert a file to standard output or to your hard disk.

Titania reads an X3D file and writes an indented, reformatted file. When no output file is specified the output is printed to stdout. Use the --style option to specify the desired output style.


General Options

-h, --help
Prints help options

Image Options

-i FILENAME, --export-image=FILENAME
Specify the filename for image export.  If it already exists, the file will be overwritten without asking. Supported image file formats are PNG, JPG, TIFF, and BMP.

-w WIDTH, --width=WIDTH
Width of the image in pixels. If WIDTH is -1 the maximum possible number of pixels is used for width.

-h HEIGHT, --height=HEIGHT
Height of the image in pixels. If HEIGHT is -1 the maximum possible number of pixels is used for height.

-c, --alpha-channel
Set whether the image has an alpha channel.

-a SAMPLES, --antialiasing=SAMPLES
Set image antialiasing samples. If SAMPLES is -1 the maximum possible number of samples are used.

-f, --fixed-pipeline
Set whether fixed pipeline should be used or shader pipeline.

Export Options

The output is saved TO FILENAME. If ''-'' or only a suffix like ''.x3d'' is given the output goes to STDOUT.

-s MODE, --style=MODE
MODE can be ''smallest'', ''small '', ''compact'', or ''nicest'', nicest is the default mode.

-m, --remove-metadata
Set whether to export metadata.

List Options

-l LIST, --list=profiles|components|nodes|fields
Get a list of all supported profiles, components, nodes or fields. The nodes list and the fields list are provided in key file format.

Known File Formats

Accepted input file formats are:

 Extension  Description
.x3d X3D XML Encoding
.x3dz X3D XML Encoding (Gzip)
.x3dv X3D Classic VRML Encoding
.x3dvz X3D Classic VRML Encoding (Gzip)
.json X3D JSON Encoding
.wrl VRML Encoding
.wrz VRML Encoding (Gzip)
.obj Alias Wavefront OBJ File Format
.3ds Autodesk 3DS File Format
.pdf Portable Document Format (optional)
.svg Scalable Vector Grafics
.svgz Scalable Vector Grafics (Gzip)

PDF file format is optional and available if Inkscape is installed.

Accepted output file formats are:

Extension Description
.x3d  X3D XML Encoding
.x3dz X3D XML Encoding (Gzip)
.x3dv X3D Classic VRML Encoding
.x3dvz X3D Classic VRML Encoding (Gzip)
.json X3D JSON Encoding

Gzip encoding is available if exported to file.


General Examples

titania scene.x3d
Open scene.x3d in browser application.

Export Examples

titania --style=compact input.x3d --export=-
Formats input.x3d''s contents in compact style mode to standard output.

titania input.x3dv --export=beautified.x3dv
Formats input.x3dv''s contents and saves the output in beautified.x3dv.

titania input.3ds --export=output.json
Converts input.3ds''s contents and saves the output in output.json.


Copyright © 2010 Holger Seelig <holger.seelig@yahoo.de>.

License GPLv3+:
GNU GPL version 3 or later http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.