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Using the Outline Editor

Using the Outline Editor

The Outline Editor lets you

  • browse and edit the X3D source file for your scene
  • edit field values
  • create routes between fields
  • make precise selections within the scene file

It shows the entire scene hierarchy, including nodes, fields, field values and types, as well as the routes between events. Node type names are in boldface type. Field types and field names are in roman type. Routes are shown to the right of fields and events.

sidebar-outline-editor Using the Outline Editor

When you select an object in the main window, the Outline Editor highlights the parts of the X3D file that define those objects. Clones (multiple instances) of an object are indicated with the notation [N], where N indicates how many instances of a node have been created in the file. Edits to one instance affect all instances of the object. If you select an object that has multiple instances, all are highlighted.

Each node or field has a small expander arrow to its left. When the arrow is clicked once, the information is in its condensed form. When is Shift-clicked, the information is in its expanded version. Click the arrow next to a node to reveal the fields within that node. Click the arrow next to a field name to reveal the field's values. Each node type has a particular icon that is associated with it.

Each node shows a context menu while hovering the mouse over the node or a field of the node. The node must not be selected just move the mouse over the node and right click. There are various operations what you can do depending on the type of the node (extern proto, proto, node).

sidebar-outline-editor Using the Outline Editor
Context menu of a node

There is a context menu for each field value which can be displayed. To do that, expand the field, click the value of the field to edit the value, then right click to open the context menu, then choose your desired action.

sidebar-outline-editor Using the Outline Editor
Field value context menu for a SFBool field

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