Titania X3D Editor

Bring Colours to Your Life.

Titania v4.6.10

Bring Colours to Your Life.

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Download Titania v4.6.10

Titania X3D Editor is the very best that CREATE3000 has to offer for professional X3D authors. Titania has everything you need to create dynamic web graphics quickly and easily.

Titania has all the tools needed to create stunning X3D scenes running fine in X_ITE. The result is that Titania X3D Editor can tackle any project you throw at it with ease.

If you ever get in trouble, please file a bug.

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Install Titania via Flathub (recommended)

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Flathub is the home of hundreds of apps which can be easily installed on any Linux distribution. Titania is also now hosted on Flathub and can be installed easily from there.

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FlatPak Extension

Debian/Ubuntu users can install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak to get informed when a new Titania FlatPak is released. Simply run:

Install Titania via Snap Store

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Titania is now listed in the Snap Store and can be installed from there for all major Linux distributions, just paste the following lines into a terminal to install Titania:

System Requirements

  • Titania requires at least 1024 MB RAM
  • Monitor resolution of at least 1280 × 1024 pixels
  • A modern graphics card
  • Official graphics card driver from NVIDIA or ATI if possible

Install Graphics Card Drivers

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You want the best performance from your device you are going to want to install graphics drivers. These will make Titania run smoothly and let you get the best frame-rates.

Ubuntu supports most graphics hardware out of the box using free, open-source drivers. These are getting better all the time.

Learn how to install the offical graphics card driver for Ubuntu.

Vertex Theme for Gtk

We often use a dark Gtk theme for Titania on our screenshots. The Vertex theme is a theme for GTK 3, GTK 2, Gnome-Shell and Cinnamon. It supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE, Budgie, Pantheon, etc. Themes for the Browsers Chrome/Chromium and Firefox are included, too.

The theme comes with three variants to choose from. The default variant with dark header-bars, a light variant, and a dark variant.

Download Vertex Themes


To install the Gtk Vertex theme just unpack the ZIP file and put the three folders into your home directory's .themes directory. If the directory doesn't exists create it. To activate one of the three Vertex variants install gnome-tweak-tool and select a theme.

The Vertex theme is developed by horst2180 and hosted on GitHub.

Source Code

First a word of warning: Using the development version of Titania might be risky in that it can break anytime, kill your edits, eat your kittens or do other nasty things.

The source code for Titania is available on GitHub, just have a look at https://github.com/create3000/titania/releases/.

As with most Open Source projects, writing bug reports and help with testing is always welcome.


Report an issue here!

Making good bug reports is a great way to help increase the software quality of Titania. A good bug report provides unambiguous step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug, what result is expected, and what the actual result is. Good bug reports make it easy for the developers to reproduce and fix the bug.

Related to bug reports are enhancement requests. An enhancement request should be discussed on the issue tracker and marked as that.

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