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Titania 3.0.4

It starts with you!

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What’s new

Highlights of this Release

Geometry Tools

The selection of the geometry is reworked and now more intuitive. It is now possible to select one geometry and than another without leaving the geometry editing mode. Additionally it is now possible to change material and texture when in geometry editing mode. Editable geometry is the IndexedFaceSet node, all other geometry nodes are now visually highlighted, their polygons are displayed in dark blue. All primitive geometry nodes can be smashed with the »Hammer Button« into an editable IndexedFaceSet node. Copy & paste of faces does now work seamlessly between different IndexedFaceSet nodes regardless whether the node has negative scale or different ccw values and the »Transform Tool« of points, edges, and faces does now snap to the grid.

Height Map Expander

ElevationGrid nodes and GeoElevationGrid nodes come now with the ability to set an »Height Map« over the grid. Any black and white image can be used as height map. It is possible to modify the height even after the image is set.

Sculp Tool

Geometry can now be edited via the »Sculp Tool«. Different brushes exists like »Pull«, »Push«, »Roughten«, »Smooth«, and »Undo Brush«. The brush geometry can be adjusted as you need and saved in a palette for later use.

The »File Open Dialog« does now provide new file formats. Now, all X3D file formats are supported, even the brand new JSON format and VRML1, either compressed or uncompressed. Besides this Autodesk’s 3DS file format, Alias Wavefront’s OBJ format, SVG documents, and PDF documents are supported by now. JSON format is completely supported and it is not only possible to open JSON files but also JSON files can be saved.

Prior to this version Titania has come with some command line tools like x3dtidy. As of this version it only exists »titania« which includes now all other commands. Have a look at the titania man page to get more information about its use.