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ComposedCubeMapTexture defines a cubic environment map source as an explicit set of images drawn from individual 2D texture nodes.

The ComposedCubeMapTexture node belongs to the CubeMapTexturing component and its container field is texture. It is available since X3D version 3.1 or later.



SFNode [in, out] metadata NULL [X3DMetadataObject]

Metadata are not part of the X3D world and not interpreted by the X3D browser, but they can be accessed via the ECMAScript interface.

SFNode [in, out] front NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field front.

SFNode [in, out] back NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field back.

SFNode [in, out] left NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field left.

SFNode [in, out] right NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field right.

SFNode [in, out] top NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field top.

SFNode [in, out] bottom NULL [X3DTexture2DNode]

Input/Output field bottom.



  • 0..6 child image nodes are allowed (ImageTexture MovieTexture PixelTexture) with corresponding containerField values: front back left right top bottom.


  • Child ImageTexture nodes must have unique containerField values for back, bottom, front, left, right, or top.



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