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BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyle provides boundary enhancement for the volume rendering style.

The BoundaryEnhancementVolumeStyle node belongs to the VolumeRendering component and its container field is renderStyle. It is available since X3D version 3.3 or later.



SFFloat [in, out] boundaryOpacity 0.9 [0,1]

BoundaryOpacity k_gs is the factored amount of the gradient enhancement to use.

SFBool [in, out] enabled TRUE

Enables/disables node operation.

SFNode [in, out] metadata NULL [X3DMetadataObject]

Metadata are not part of the X3D world and not interpreted by the X3D browser, but they can be accessed via the ECMAScript interface.

SFFloat [in, out] opacityFactor 2 [0,∞)

OpacityFactor k_ge is the power function to control the slope of the opacity curve to highlight the set of data.

SFFloat [in, out] retainedOpacity 0.2 [0,1]

RetainedOpacity k_gc is the amount of initial opacity to mix into the output

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