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Bring Colours to Your Life.

X3D Reference



We offer here a couple of introductory X3D tutorials on X3D concepts. It serves as background material for Titania and X_ITE.

The only hardware and software requirement for most of the tutorials is a computer with the latest version of Titania or your favorite text editor and X_ITE. Titania has extensive documentation. It is the perfect environment to get started in creating sensational X3D scenes.

Let’s See What We Can Do…

Simple, fast and efficient, our X3D tutorials give you all the tips and tricks to advance in the construction of your project.

Shapes, geometry, and appearance

Animation, sensors, and geometry

Textures, lights, and environment

Scripts and prototypes

Some words about optimizing a scene:

See Also

There are also Books for Further Reading

X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web Authors by Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly

Don't Compromise on Development Experience

Use the full power of the modern X3D ecosystem – Titania’s got you covered! Enjoy the intelligent build system, powerful navigation and support for JavaScript, on-the-fly error detection, integrated Route Graph Editor, and X_ITE compatibility.

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