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Titania v4.3.0

Bring Colours to Your Life.

X3D Reference

Building primitive shapes


Shapes are the building blocks of a X3D world. Primitive Shapes are standard building blocks:

Syntax: Shape

  • A Shape node builds a shape
    • appearance - color and texture
    • geometry - form, or structure

Specifying appearance

  • Shape appearance is described by appearance nodes
  • For now, we'll use nodes to create a shaded white appearance:

Specifying geometry

Shape geometry is built with geometry nodes:

  • Geometry node fields control dimensions
    • Dimensions usually in meters, but can be anything

A sample primitive shape

Building multiple shapes

  • Shapes are built centered in the world
  • A X3D file can contain multiple shapes
  • Shapes overlap when built at the same location

A sample file with multiple shapes