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Cobweb 3.3 Released

Leipzig, 15th August 2017: Accessing the external browser has changed a little. The elements callback has been removed from the arguments of the callback functions, which are passed to the X3D function. See Accessing the External Browser for further details.

There are new URL's for cobweb.min.js and cobweb.css. Use the following locations now.


If you still use an old stable version from Cobweb you must changed the URL for the stable folder to:


New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Changed external browser access.
  • Fixed default values of certain nodes (IntegerTrigger, ArcClose2D, Disk2D, Rectangle2D, TriangleSet2D, GeoViewpoint, DirectionalLight, Viewpoint, ConeEmitter, CylinderSensor).
  • X3DCanvas is now transparent on startup until browser is initialized.
  • Enable propagate events to HTML browser if in NONE viewer.
  • X3DExecutionContext.getImportedNode operates now correct if importedName is undefined.
  • SFBool.valueOf return now a native JavaScript value.

Cobweb 3.2 Released

Leipzig, 29th April 2017: The X3DCanvas element becomes a major change in its CSS styles, it is now similar to the HTML5 canvas element a display inline-block element instead of block with a default width and height of 300 × 150 pixels. Additionally there are four new attributes splashScreen, notifications, timings, and contextMenu, these attribute are especially useful if the X3DCanvas element is very small. Have a look at »Attributes of the X3DCanvas Element« to see how these attributes work. Additionally we changed the data type mapping of SF/MFRotation in custom shaders from uniform vec4 quaternion representation to uniform mat3 3×3 rotation matrix representation, which are easier to operate with.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Changed default CSS style display of X3DCanvas element to inline-block.
  • Changed default width and height of X3DCanvas element to 300 × 150 pixels.
  • Added new X3DCanvas attributes splashScreen, notifications, timings, contextMenu.
  • Implemented JavaScript browser option SplashScreen.
  • Implemented SFColorRGBA.prototype.set/getHSVA.
  • Use uniform mat3 in custom shaders for SF/MFRotation fields.

Cobweb 3.1 Released

Leipzig, 13th April 2017: We finally released version 3.1 now. This release is a bug fix release and fixes a fatal bug with shader uniform handling. Thanks to Sgeo. Externprotos have now the missing loadNow function implemented, although this function is normally not needed.

Cobweb 3.0 Released

Leipzig, 12th April 2017: We finally released version 3.0 now. All fields derived from X3DArrayField have now two new functions »push« and »unshift« which operate like the corresponding JavaScript Array functions. All fields derived from X3DField have now a new function »equals« which makes it easy to compare two field values. The XMLParser was reworked and is now more secure and several issues are fixed. And last but not least we are proud to announce that prototypes do completely work now with XHTML DOM Integration.

mountains What's New
New Shader Example »Mountains«

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • New shader uniform x3d_ViewportPrototypes do completely work now with XHTML DOM Integration.
  • Implemented X3DArrayField push and unshift
  • Implemented X3DField equals
  • Reworked XMLParser
  • Fixed ScreenFontStyle text picking
  • Fixed issue with touch sensibility of Disk2D
  • Fixed an issue of X3DPrototypeInstance in toXMLString

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