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X_ITE v4.2.10

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X_ITE v4.2.10 released

Leipzig, 13th November 2018: We tested X_ITE against http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/ConformanceNist/index.html and fixed the bugs we found.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed LOD level calculation when range is empty.
  • Fixed LocalFog calculation.
  • Fixed fog calculation when visibilityRange is 0.
  • Disable collision detection when viewpoint transition is active.
  • Use specified precision for default struct types in shader source.

X_ITE v4.2.9 released

Bug fixes

  • Switch sounds off when not visible.
  • Fixed fatal bug when setting audio/video volume.
  • Fixed Sound node volume calculation.
  • Better interpolation from saturated color to black, white, or gray.

X_ITE v4.2.8 released

Leipzig, 31th Oktober 2018: The X3DCanvas element has now the onload, onshutdown, and onerror attributes and properties. There is also jQuery support for these event handler when calling jQuery.fn.on and jQuery.fn.off:

New features

  • The X3DCanvas element has now the onload, onshutdown, and onerror attributes with jQuery support.
  • The X3DCanvas element has now the onload, onshutdown, onerror, src, and url properties.
  • X_ITE now respects the tabindex setting from the X3DCanvas element.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in Extrusion orientation handling.
  • Better support for Extrusion with coincident spine points.

X_ITE v4.2.7 released

Leipzig, 29th Oktober 2018: This version fixes some important bugs and makes X_ITE more specification conform.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in proto instances loaded from extern prototypes.
  • Also parse and output XML IMPORT attribute importedDEF beside old attribute exportedDEF.
  • ScreenGroup and ScreenFontStyle are now respecting a scaleOrientation in the transformation hierarchy.
  • Fixed normal calculation of bounding boxes, it handles now special cases.

X_ITE v4.2.6 released

Leipzig, 14th Oktober 2018: With this version, X_ITE includes a new polygon tessellator, ie. X_ITE can better render concave polygons witch also affects polygon font support, which is now even better.

New features

  • Better polygon support for concave polygons.
  • Better polygon font rendering.
  • »Straighten Horizon« is now the default for EXAMINE viewer.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when parsing XML field values.
  • Fixed SFRotation handling of unnormalized values.

X_ITE v4.2.5 released

Leipzig, 1st Oktober 2018: This version fixes loads of bugs and added loads of small features.

New features

  • Added »Straighten Horizon« option to context menu when EXAMINE viewer is active.
  • Optimized XML parser, it is now up to 60 % faster especially for large geometries.
  • Implemented BrowserOption »EnableInlineViewpoints«.
  • Published X3DField.add/removeFieldCallback functions.
  • Implemented X3DBrowser.add/removeBrowserCallback functions.
  • Changed X3DCanvas element focus handling, the element itself is now the focus element.
  • New and optimized resize handling of X3DCanvas element.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug of XML output of proto with cloned root nodes.
  • Fixed bug when parsing JSON encoded files containing script source code.
  • Fixed handling of VRML viewpoints.
  • Fixed event breaking rules for script execution.
  • Fixed CSS menu handling.
  • Fixed access type of index field of IndexedTriangleFanSet, IndexedTriangleSet, IndexedTriangleStripSet.
  • Fixed bug in proto instance initialization when extern proto is not yet loaded.
  • Fixed rendering of PointSet with GeoCoordinate.
  • Fixed KeyDeviceSensor in some cases.
  • Fixed spinning of viewpoint carries over after viewpoint change.

X_ITE v4.2.4 released

Leipzig, 9th July 2018: This version is primarily a bug fix version. There are also new examples online for ScalarChaser, and IndexedTriangleFanSet.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed fatal bug in X3DProgrammableShaderObject.
  • Small optimizations in X3DField objects.

X_ITE v4.2.3 released

Leipzig, 7th July 2018: This version is primarily a bug fix version. There are also new examples online for PointSet, and IndexedLineSet.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in PROTO setup.
  • Small optimizations in X3DArrayField.
  • Small optimizations in event handling.
  • Fixed bug in name handling when copy node.

X_ITE v4.2.2 released

Leipzig, 23th June 2018: We are proud to announce that code.create3000.de is now accessible via https.

New features

  • code.create3000.de is now accessible via https

X_ITE v4.2.1 released

Leipzig, 17th June 2018: This version is primarily a bug fix version.

Bug fixes

  • A real depth buffer is now used in shadow calculations.
  • Fixed Chrome glitches of X3DBackground node.
  • Fixed CSS issue.
  • Fixed ImageTexture issue when the texture is reused multiple times.

X_ITE v4.2.0 released

DirectionalLight, SpotLight, and PointLight are now able to cast shadows. Let’s details them. A directional light is when light rays are parallel. A bit like when you look at the sun rays on the left. It mostly behaves like a light source very far from us. A spot light is when light rays seems to originate from a single point, and spreads outward in a coned direction, like in a dance club. To enable the shadow casting on a light, just adjust shadowIntensity of the light.

You can tune the shadowIntensity. It is the intensity of the shadow. 0 means no shadow, 1 means pure black shadow.

Dynamic shadows in X_ITE

X_ITE v4.1.7 released

Leipzig, 27th May 2018: This version is primarily a bug fix version.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed fatal bug in Classic VRML parser.
  • Fixed LOD.level_changed event handling.
  • Fixed bug when rendering opaque objects.

X_ITE v4.1.6 released

Leipzig, 24th May 2018: Thank's to Ammo (Bullet) physics engine we have implemented a lot of new nodes of the RigidBodyPhysics component. Most of the documentation pages of this component have a live example for this node. The component is realized as plug-in which can be include right after the x_ite.js script tag.

New Features

X_ITE v4.1.5 released

Leipzig, 14th March 2018: We finally released version 4.1.5 now. With this version it is now possible to load X3D JSON encoded files. We implemented touch device support for all viewers and nodes derived form X3DPointingDeviceSensorNode and Anchor. This means tablets and smart phones are now fully supported. There are also a lot of other new features:

New Features

  • JSON file loader
  • Touch device support for all Viewers and TouchSensor nodes
  • Smoother navigation in Examine Viewer and other viewer
  • Optimizations in IndexedQuadSet and QuadSet
  • Optimized CoordinateInterpolator, NormalInterpolator, and CoordinateInterpolator2D
  • Support for more textures for custom shaders
  • New »StraigtenHorizon« browser option
  • Better rendering of Text in some cases

Bug Fixes

  • Less memory footprint
  • Fixed IndexedTriangleSet attribute handling
  • and more bug fixes

X_ITE v4.1.4 released

Leipzig, 11th January 2018: We finally released version 4.1.4 now. X_ITE has become a huge change in the shader specification. It is now even more like GLSL. There are new uniform variables x3d_LightSourceParameters, x3d_MaterialParameters, and x3d_FogParameters. Old shaders are fully compatible with this version, although old shader light and material uniforms are depreciated.  For more information have a look at http://create3000.de/x_ite/custom-shaders/.

X_ITE v4.1.3 released

Leipzig, 25th December 2017: There is now the new BlendMode node in X_ITE available, which gives X3D authors the ability to specify the WebGL blend modes for a node. The node is a X3DAppearance child node and can be assigned the the new blendMode field of a Appearance node. Shader authors have now more control over particle systems, there are three new build in variables available in shaders: x3d_ParticleId, x3d_ParticleLife, x3d_ParticleElapsedTime, x3d_ParticlePosition. For more information have a look at http://create3000.de/x_ite/custom-shaders/.

X_ITE v4.1.2 released

Leipzig, 8th December 2017: Titania supports now the whole ParticleSystem component with the default graphics card driver Nouveau. During the implementation we found some optimization to speed up the ParticleSystem node in X_ITE. Additionally we could fix three bug.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Small optimizations and bug fixes in ParticleSystem node.
  • Added x3d_CameraSpaceMatrix to ComposedShader build-in variables.
  • Fixed a bug in X3DBackground node when displayed with GeneratedCubeMapTexture node.
  • Fixed fatal bug in MFImage.

X_ITE v4.1.1 released

Leipzig, 23rd November 2017: We fixed a bug in load count handling of the splash screen, ie. if the splashScreen attribute of the X3DCanvas element is true, the scene is first displayed if all objects and textures are completely loaded. An examination of the source code has revealed this mistake in the networking nodes.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in load count handling of the splash screen

X_ITE v4.1.0 released

Leipzig, 22nd November 2017: This completely implements the unit statement. Now units are parsed and all field values are converted. Additionally we could optimize X3DGroupingNode.removeChildren. It is now up to 20 % faster, especially if there are many children.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in CADLayer.addChildren
  • Optimized X3DGroupingNode.removeChildren
  • Implemented units handling

Cobweb is now X_ITE

Leipzig, 23rd August 2017: Cobweb is now X_ITE. We changed its name to X_ITE to better reflect the purpose and design of X3D. Though the project's name may have changed, its programming still includes correctness, usability, flexibility, extensibility, and safety.

X_ITE is now available from our own server at code.create3000.de. Just include the following URL's into your HTML and you are up to date again:

Additionally X_ITE is now available via GitHub CDN and jsDelivr CDN.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Better font support for polygon text.
  • Fixed fog rendering with Gouraud shading in some cases.
  • If for any reason Phong shading is not available Gouraud shading is used instead.
  • Better mouse wheel reaction in walk viewer.
  • The X3DCanvas element can now be styled in IE, this is important if the fallback is visible.
  • Fixed font kerning in some cases.
  • X3D functions for external browser are now called when scenes are loaded.
  • Fixed bug in normalizeVelocity if keyVelocity is 0. See SplineScalarInterpolator.
  • Fixed bug with LoadSensor if an X3DUrlObject is created from Script.
  • Fixed event processing from ShaderPart url field.
  • Fixed BooleanFilter inputFalse output.
  • Fixed fog calculation if visibilityRange is 0.
  • Changed handling of fallback css attribute display.
  • Package is now available via code.create3000.de and jsDelivr.
  • NPM is now the package management system.

Cobweb 3.3 Released

Leipzig, 15th August 2017: Accessing the external browser has changed a little. The elements callback has been removed from the arguments of the callback functions, which are passed to the X3D function. See Accessing the External Browser for further details.

There are new URL's for cobweb.min.js and cobweb.css. Use the following locations now.


If you still use an old stable version from Cobweb you must changed the URL for the stable folder to:


New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Changed external browser access.
  • Fixed default values of certain nodes (IntegerTrigger, ArcClose2D, Disk2D, Rectangle2D, TriangleSet2D, GeoViewpoint, DirectionalLight, Viewpoint, ConeEmitter, CylinderSensor).
  • X3DCanvas is now transparent on startup until browser is initialized.
  • Enable propagate events to HTML browser if in NONE viewer.
  • X3DExecutionContext.getImportedNode operates now correct if importedName is undefined.
  • SFBool.valueOf return now a native JavaScript value.

Cobweb 3.2 Released

Leipzig, 29th April 2017: The X3DCanvas element becomes a major change in its CSS styles, it is now similar to the HTML5 canvas element a display inline-block element instead of block with a default width and height of 300 × 150 pixels. Additionally there are four new attributes splashScreen, notifications, timings, and contextMenu, these attribute are especially useful if the X3DCanvas element is very small. Have a look at »Attributes of the X3DCanvas Element« to see how these attributes work. Additionally we changed the data type mapping of SF/MFRotation in custom shaders from uniform vec4 quaternion representation to uniform mat3 3×3 rotation matrix representation, which are easier to operate with.

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Changed default CSS style display of X3DCanvas element to inline-block.
  • Changed default width and height of X3DCanvas element to 300 × 150 pixels.
  • Added new X3DCanvas attributes splashScreen, notifications, timings, contextMenu.
  • Implemented JavaScript browser option SplashScreen.
  • Implemented SFColorRGBA.prototype.set/getHSVA.
  • Use uniform mat3 in custom shaders for SF/MFRotation fields.

Cobweb 3.1 Released

Leipzig, 13th April 2017: We finally released version 3.1 now. This release is a bug fix release and fixes a fatal bug with shader uniform handling. Thanks to Sgeo. Externprotos have now the missing loadNow function implemented, although this function is normally not needed.

Cobweb 3.0 Released

Leipzig, 12th April 2017: We finally released version 3.0 now. All fields derived from X3DArrayField have now two new functions »push« and »unshift« which operate like the corresponding JavaScript Array functions. All fields derived from X3DField have now a new function »equals« which makes it easy to compare two field values. The XMLParser was reworked and is now more secure and several issues are fixed. And last but not least we are proud to announce that prototypes do completely work now with XMTML DOM Integration.

New Shader Example »Mountains«

New Features and Bug Fixes

  • New shader uniform x3d_ViewportPrototypes do completely work now with XHTML DOM Integration.
  • Implemented X3DArrayField push and unshift
  • Implemented X3DField equals
  • Reworked XMLParser
  • Fixed ScreenFontStyle text picking
  • Fixed issue with touch sensibility of Disk2D
  • Fixed an issue of X3DPrototypeInstance in toXMLString

First Version

The first version of X_ITE was created in April 2015. It was still called Cobweb.

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